30 October 2017

The Bill for the Second World War

Following a long period of silence, the issue of war reparations due to Poland for the Second World War has returned. The actual fact that reparations/compensations for the Second World War are outstanding from the two invaders Germany and Russia – is undisputable. The reparations are not an act of […]
22 January 2017

Commander Wiktor Węgrzyn

     Witor Węgrzyn died on the 17th January in Chicago, the commander and founder of the Polish Katyń Motorcycle Rally. Who was the man who managed to bring together nearly 30 thousand motorcyclists? Commander Węgrzyn was born in 1939 r. in Warsaw. His father was a soldier of famous gen. […]
6 October 2016

Who the Polish Media Belong to?

Changes in the media market in Poland took place in 1990, along with the liquidation of the Workers’ Publishing Cooperative (Robotnicza Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza – RSW) – the largest press group in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. For example, in 1988 this cooperative, which was a monopolist in the Polish […]